BPT 20/30-BPT 20/40 - BPT 20/50

Full Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machines

(Water, Fruit Juice and Airan ,Honey, Jam and Butter )

BPT 20/30-BPT 20/40 - BPT 20/50

BPT economic packaging machines are the small giants of the family. They are an indispensable solution for customers looking to package products in small portions and all types of liquids accuretly. Owing to the wide range of areas that they cover and their sensitivity to accuracy of filling, these machines have become the most sought-after machines of their class. The machines can be operated by a single operator, require minimal maintenance and work without noise and failure. Thanks to the fact that all their mechanisms, including main chasis and feet, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and metal profiles, they are long lived, even in the most difficult working conditions. The best quality materials are used in every stage of their pneumatic lines in order to apply the latest technology.

BPT economic packaging machines offer you a more comfortable working environment with a servo motor for digital advancement, a state of the art PLC which enables the monitoring of paremeters and adjustments to be made easily, a control system and a touch screen operator panel with protection against external influences.

  Capacity  20 - 24 cycles/min.
  Base Film  (PVC) / (PET) / (PS) / (PP)
  Lid Film  (ALU) / (ALU+PET)
  Max. Depth  95mm
  Electrical Consumption  Max. 12kW - 380V
  Compressed Air  6 bar - Max. 2000 lt/min.
  Cooling Water  12-16˚C - 6000 Kcal/hour
  Machine Dimensions  5500 x 1600 x 2000 mm
  Max. Weight  2500kg
Beta-pak machines are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of original purchase.
Water, Fruit Juice and Airan ,Honey, Jam and Butter

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