Meat Products

BETA-PAK works with a high-quality packaging logic, especially with the idea that the success of a product is directly related to the packaging quality, with 24 years of work experience, provided that it is cost-oriented. As it is known, meat products are in a structure that is highly affected by the microbiology of the external environment in the food sector, so it carries out the right packaging selection, the design of the packaging and the manufacturing processes that serve this design with precision.

As a result of long experience, it provides its customers with the knowledge that the most professional point of extending the shelf life in the sector is the machines with the right packaging technology, and carries out and manages projects with healthy business solutions in this regard.

When we examine the meat sector, we closely follow that the consumer expects packaging solutions with functions that will meet their needs, depending on changing living conditions. For example, BETA-PAK, which sees that Open-Finish and Portion products are also becoming widespread in the Meat sector, and that the expectations for packaging with many functions like this are increasing, constantly produces both innovative and cost-oriented projects that prioritize human health.

Fresh Meat Products

  • Large parts for distribution
  • Chopped portions prepared for the retail industry
  • Mince

Cold Meats

  • Taze
  • Sliced
  • Smoked


  • Smoked, smoked or salted meat
  • Prepared foods