Bpz Series
Bpz 400 Medical
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Betapak has entered the list of most wanted manufacturers with this model. The BPZ Medical has been designed exclusively to meet the requirements of the medical industry with its reliable applications. Its difference is recognized from its compliance with all types of printers, labeling and similar accessories, and successful applications during synchronization with automatic filling units. Being a machine operated by a single operator, it requries minimal maintenance and works without noise and failure.

Thanks to the fact that all its mechanisms, including main chasis and feet, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and metal profiles, it is long lived, even in the most difficult working conditions. The best quality materials are used in every stage of its pneumatic lines in order to apply the latest technology.

Technical Features

Full Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machine

Capacity 10 - 14 cycles/min.
Film Widths 250mm - 462mm
Film Thickness 80 micron - 700 micron
Bottom Film (PVC+PE) / (PET+PE) / (PA+PE)
Top Film (PA+PE) / (PAPER+PE) / (MED. PAPER) / (TYVEK+PE) /(ALU)
Step 80mm - 400mm
Reel Diameter Web - max. 400mm • Lid - max. 300mm
Shape Depth max. 80mm.
Machine Length 5.000mm - 12.000mm