Custom Care

Welcome to the Betapak family. Our professional support solutions guarantee excellent product and service for all your after-sales needs. We ensure the smooth progress of your processes by providing on-site trainings in our factory or production center so that you can fully benefit from the potential of your purchased machine, including optimization, showroom visits, warranty extension, revision, original and guaranteed spare parts, hard technical support you need all over the world.

Bring your business to a sustainable, profitable and reliable point with optimization. Keep energy savings at the optimum level with Betapak technology.

You can find machine tests and product demonstrations by visiting our factory and experiencing the best solution for you on site.

Enjoy the best protection. With the extended warranty, you don’t have to worry about repair costs. We solve quickly and professionally in an efficient way.

We extend the service life and increase the level of profitability by integrating new modules into your existing system with a comprehensive revision.

Our original spare parts guarantee that your production continues reliably and efficiently with maximum performance. We can provide you with Betapak original spare parts and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need it.

Our Betapak expert service technicians, with their long years of experience, identify the causes of malfunctions as soon as possible, repair them and guarantee that your system will run smoothly with maximum availability.

You can make the potential of your investments more efficient with the theoretical and practical training given to your employees face to face or online.