BETA-PAK; With 25 years of experience operating in the thermoform packaging industry since 1997, high quality, adopting advanced technology, professional teamwork, constantly developing and developing, following the developments in the world in the sector, immediately applying the innovations brought by the developments and sailing to new developments. He is a machine manufacturer who is persistent, does not see what he does and will do enough, and has an idealistic structure in his work, increasing his goals day by day…

Our Vision

In today's conditions, technique and technology are constantly changing and developing. This change and development has brought the responsibility of complying and applying on individuals and institutions. By adopting this responsibility and obligation as our principle, we have considered it our duty to produce producer and consumer-friendly machines by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. Therefore, we are proud and happy to use all the systems of technology and to produce and present the best, most beautiful and most perfect machines to our valued customers... During the production phase, safety/security and human health were prioritized, sensitive in material selection, and materials in compliance with appropriate certified standards were used.

Our Mission

In principle, although we are in an organization that manufactures machinery, we are also consumers as individuals. We use the products from the machines we produce. We take care of our machines with consumer awareness. At the same time, with our consumer identity, we aim and aim to produce machines that are of high quality, solution to their problems, affordable price, and technological developments are applied immediately, with the experience and experience stemming from knowing our manufacturer's problems, wishes and desires well. Among our goals is to eliminate the technological backwardness that our country has experienced before, to reduce foreign dependency in our field, to surpass even the advanced countries in technology, to create the appropriate environment where we will set the world standards, and to take our rightful place in the world conjuncture.

Quick Solutions

Absolute Security

Fair Price Policy

High quality


It was established with 3 partners on an area of ​​75 m2.
10-year long-term plans were prepared for the growth of the company. Overseas machine sales started.
Company facilities expanded from 300m2 to 800m2.
Representative offices abroad began to be established.
Corporate Tax Commendation Special Award
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Export Achievement 2nd Award
Central Anatolian Exporters' Association Award for the 2nd Most Exporting Firm
The Production Facility was expanded to 4800m2. Representative offices were opened in 6 countries. Number of Personnel Reached 115.
Our India Representative Office has been put into operation.
The Number of Export Countries has been increased to 65 by activating our US Representative Office.
Production Facility was increased to 8000m2. Annual Turnover 15 M$