How did your paths cross with Beta-Pak, which continues its activities as a company with 5 partners?
Two of the three partners of Beta-Pak left. In 2000, we 3 people joined Beta-Pak as new partners. Until 2002, we got to know each other and strengthened our friendship, as well as determined our roadmap. We became fully operational in 2002. Today, we are 5 partners as Cengiz Karagülle, Turgay Gezer, Ali Elkılıç, Cumali Özyürek and Sadebek Taştan. We have been conducting our partnership without any problems since the 2000s. Each partner has a specific area of ​​work and jurisdiction. No partner enters the other partner’s workspace, does not interfere, trusts him and supports him to the end. We aim to maintain our partnership, which we have maintained very well, for many more years. May God not break our unity and solidarity.

Do you implement training programs for your employees in your own organization?

Beta-Pak attaches great importance to personnel. Because if we are able to achieve these things today, it is thanks to trained, knowledgeable and hardworking staff. That’s why we offer our employees Omron, Festo etc. We receive training from companies about our subject. We take it to fairs and show innovations and developments. As Beta-Pak, we organize our work to work together for many years. We believe that the packaging industry will progress successfully in the next ten years. We attach great importance to staff training. Because the secret of success is proportional to the number of experienced and knowledgeable staff.

How many countries do you currently export to?

Currently, we export machinery to 53 countries worth 15 million dollars per year. Since 2002, we have been exporting thermoforming machines to countries such as Iran, Iraq, Dubai, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Russia, from Senegal to the Philippines, from Tanzania to England. . With a certain increase every year, our working area is expanding day by day. What can you say about the problems you encounter in the production process? We are having a hard time finding qualified technical staff. No matter how knowledgeable the newly hired staff is, it only starts to be useful six months after the training here. We also have difficulties in supplying quality and sufficient materials. We also have a space problem in our business. We cannot expand any further. It’s not enough anymore.

Can you tell us about your solution partners?

What do you pay attention to when choosing your solution partners? As solution partners, we work with Festo and Omron companies. First of all, our solution partner should be a global company that we can get help from all over the world, and it should also be accepted and known in the world and its products should be easily accessible. In addition, it should be quite sufficient and fast in terms of technical support.

Could you give some information about the supply of materials? Do you import materials?

We buy some of the materials coming from abroad from importers. Festo – Omron, Nord vs. We import some items ourselves. Elena Marchetti (opening+closing the box) Chain Regina, Cutting Blades etc. Soon we will import Profile – inox shafts ourselves directly from the factory.

What are the technical possibilities of your factory?

We have 14 manual machines such as turning, milling and grinding in our factory. In addition, we have 9 devices as CNC Milling and Lathe. It is available in our latest model wire erosion workbench.

Is there any technical operation that you cannot do in your factory?

We cannot carry out the hardening, irrigation and grinding operations of the materials within our own structure. We get support from outside.