Fish and Seafood

In parallel with the increasing use of seafood in our country, packaging diversity has gained importance.

According to one study, it has been observed that packaged seafood can be stored longer. The effectiveness and continuity of sterility have been determined in these packagings made using the right microbiological methods. The variation in structure, color and other sensory properties made these packaging methods applicable. Seafood products (Vacuum, etc.) properly packaged have a longer shelf life.

It should be kept in mind that packaging fishery products in modified atmosphere may cause potential growth problems of anaerobic pathogens. Suitable preservation, smoking and processing techniques, cooking for toxin destruction, appropriate sanitation and cooling practices should be applied to this type of food. Studies have shown that these types of MAP-treated products must be stored in cold conditions and the presence of some 02 in the packaging atmosphere is important in terms of preventing botulism and similar problems.