Our Valued Business Partner,

As the Beta-Pak family, we have tried to create value for our country and our customers with value-added production from the first day. We have undertaken the responsibility of serving our customers, who continue to produce without sacrificing quality under all kinds of difficult conditions. We believed in the importance of strong stakeholders in our operations, which we carried out with the vision of becoming a global Turkish brand and growing.
With this announcement, we are proud to announce the partnership of RSM Group with Beta-Pak. We see our partnership, which will add strength to our strength, as the cornerstone of the “Global Turkish Brand Beta-Pak” vision. We would also like to thank the entire Mertöz family, especially Mr. Rıdvan Mertöz, who has made numerous contributions to the Turkish industry and is respected by all business circles, for their trust in the Beta-Pak brand.

In these days when uncertainties are high, we look to the future with hope with the strength we get from unity. We will continue to grow and create value together with you, with an innovative and value-added production approach. As in the past, Beta-Pak will find its strength in its relationship with you. We promise to provide you with better service with higher capacity in our modern production facility, which we will move to in May 2022.

On behalf of the Beta-Pak family, we would like to thank all our valuable business partners who support us, inspire us and help us improve ourselves day by day with their feedback.
Continuing to provide the high quality service expected from Beta-Pak and building the future together
”As Beta-Pak Board of Directors, we believe that the growth of our country is through production. We will continue to invest without slowing down for a stronger Beta-Pak that produces more. Beta-Pak, which sets an example with what it has achieved so far, will succeed to become a global brand with your support.” Rıdvan Mertöz, Chairman of the Board
”Turkey has a serious production capacity and knowledge in the machinery sector. As Beta-Pak, we will continue to undertake projects with high added value, especially on the export side, in the short and medium term, with our new structure.” Ali Elkılıç
“The belief of RSM Group in the Beta-Pak brand is an indicator of what we have achieved in 25 years. We all wish for a Beta-Pak brand that will proudly represent our country and achieve greater success.” Cengiz Karagülle
“We are happy that everyone who believes in the future of Beta-Pak joins forces on our way to create a global Turkish brand. In this process, we will continue to serve and grow as enthusiastically as we did on the first day.” Turgay Gezer
You can contact us at any time to discuss how we can increase our cooperation and share our vision.

BETA-PAK Board of Directors