Social Responsibility

We are aware of the fact that the sector we are in is a sector that directly affects human health and we are aware of its responsibility. For this reason, we need to get rid of commercial concerns and negativities and do our job with this responsibility. We will gladly continue to comply and implement this obligation. In the machines we have produced; Compliance with the hygiene concept, fast and mass production, 304L CrNi stainless steel on the chassis, 316 L CrNi stainless steel on the product contacts, compliance with standard norms in all parts, machine CE Standard certificate, high-level safety systems, ease of operator control, simple use that everyone can understand in use ease of use, prevention of waste in raw materials, homogeneity in production, full integration of systems, freedom from sound and noise, remote assistance system in case of any negativity, high-level classification in terms of technology, We produce machinery by paying maximum attention to the HUMAN factor that we have mentioned between the lines, taking into account many other factors such as: As BETA-PAK, we carry the justified pride of leaving our mark on the industry. Our company makes the production and sales organization professionally and works with all its energy in a way that will not leave you in a difficult situation in sales and after-service.