Bpt Series
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BPT-S Series is the biggest machine in the water sector. It has the capacity to form, fill and carton up to 32,000 cups, 6400 litres of water, in just one hour with only two operators. Maximum film saving can be reached thanks to the advanced improvements made on its cutting systems. This machine is a high quality and esthetic packaging line designed for those who are looking for high capacity production and maximum cup depth. It is able to process all kinds of thermoplastic materials with thicknesses of up to 1200 microns in order to obtain packages as deep as 80 mm. It is possible to see every detail of the latest technology applied to the BPT-S Series. The film advancement on the machine is operated with a servo motor.

It is equipped with a touch screen display which is supported with graphical and statistical data. The robot system which is used to carton the packaged cups is just another visible feature of this machine. The usage areas of the BPT-S Series include all types of drinkable liquids as well as yoghurt, airan and dairy products.

Technical Features

Full Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machine

Capacity 20 - 28 cycles/min.
Film Widths 340mm - 405mm
Film Thickness 350 micron - 800 micron
Bottom Film PET
Top Film (ALU) / (ALU+PET)
Step 140mm - 320mm
Shape Depth max. 80mm
Bottom Roll Weight 700 kg
Machine Length 9.500 X 6000mm (approx)