Bpt Series
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BPT-Y IML Series is a new generation thermoform machine that was improved as a result of research and development studies by Betapak engineers. The production environment inside its closed cabinets are supported with a hepa filter making this the ideal machine for those who wish to package goods such as dairy products under sterile and hygienic conditions. The quality of air used on the forming unit is made extra sterile by a 3 stage filter. Thanks to its special cutting unit, the machine also minimises cost per pack by reducing foil wastage. It is possible to fill liquids and products with granules at all levels of viscosity. A special CIP application can be used in the filling unit to maintain cleanliness. In addition, the forming, filling and cutting units are operated by a servo motor.

Perforated and multiple cutting applications can be carried out in the cutting unit in different ways. The machine exit can also be equipped with an automatic robot filling system. Firstly, the carton boxes are opened automatically and their bases are sealed. The items which are packaged are then moved under a robot via a conveyor belt to be lifted and placed into a box. A separator (upon customer request) is placed on top of the first row of items. This process is repeated for each row until the box is completely full. The box is then closed and sealed with a special unit, ready to be alligned on a palet.

Technical Features

Full Automatic Thermoform In Mould Labeling Packaging Machine

Capacity 24 - 25 cycles/min.
Film Width 220 - 410mm
Bottom Film (PS)
Shape Depth 90mm
Reel Diameter Bottom - max. 1000mm
Top - max. 300mm
Reel Core Diameter 76mm
Compressed Air 6 bar, max 3000 L/min.
Cooling Water 12 - 16˚C, 6000 Kcal/hour
Electrical Consumption max. 18 kW - 380 V
Machine Dimensions 8000 x 1500 x 2500 mm (approx)
Weight max. 5.000 kg