Dairy Products

Perhaps the most risky category in food products is milk and dairy products. It is a situation that requires expertise both in terms of the microbiology of the packaged products and to ensure the contamination conditions of the filling system. However, the use of food grade materials is important.

Packaging materials and packaging conditions; It is critical to extend the shelf life of food by protecting it from environmental factors such as light, oxygen, steam and microbial/chemical contaminants.

Dairy products are also in the category of sensitive and perishable food products. Therefore, the oxygen inside is absorbed by vacuuming while being packaged and the oxygen level is reduced below 0.1mBar. In this way, the product is prevented from molding or undergoing oxidative changes. The shelf life of the product is extended

It is also used in modified atmosphere packaging technique in order to preserve the properties of various dairy products, extend the shelf life, prevent oxidative changes and molding.